Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Adjusting Your Doors and Windows For Your Cabin

Adjusting doors and windows on your cabin.

Due to the cabin be made from wood, and wood reacts to the elements expanding and shrinking, this can effect the position and opening of doors and windows, please download our instructions on how to adjust the doors and windows in order to correct these issue.

This can be found on our frequently asked questions page.


Your Lillevilla log cabin will require some adjustment to the door and window sets as the cabin naturally expands and contracts from season to season.  This will be more apparent shortly after installation as the cabin settles initially under its own weight. Please find below a set by step guide on how to make these adjustments.

It is important to lift the doors or remove them to take the weight off the hinge whilst adjustments are made. Failure to do so will round off the adjustment point.

Figure 1 Door Hinge image
Adjustment points 1 & 3 (You will have only one of these types)

Adjustment 3 is located under the plastic top cap. These two adjustment points make the same adjustment and allow for the door to be raised and lowered within the frame set. Please ensure both upper and lower hinges are adjusted equally.

Adjustment points 2

Please loosen the screws located into the door.  Adjustments shown as 2 are connected to packing plates at the back of the hinge. This adjustment moves the plate between the hinge and the door which in turn moves the doors closer together or further apart. 


The window is held on by a a two part ball joint hinge. The lower part of the hinge is screwed securely into the window frame, making this part unable to move. The top half is screwed straight into the window and sits on the ball joint on the lower half. This top half is the adjustable portion.

Removing the window from the frame

Removing the window from the frame is a simple enough task but can be heavy depending on what window it is. So for safety please be cautious and brace yourself. To remove the window from the frame  all that is needed is to open the window to a 90 degree angle and lift.

The adjustments can only be made once the window has been removed from the frame. 

Adjusting the window

There is no exact way to adjust the window. As the cabin settles during the seasons occasionally the windows may need to be adjusted. To adjust the window all that is needed is to spin the top part of the hinge either clockwise or anti-clockwise until the window fits snugly in the frame. Unfortunately this can take a bit of time to get right so persistence is the key.

As usual if there is any problems or if you are stuck please feel free to call the office during our Monday to Friday working hours, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

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